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This website is no longer being updated. Most of its content, including research citations, has been transferred to the website for the International Center for Home Education Research (, an organization I have founded along with several colleagues from around the world.

PLEASE CHECK OUT ICHER.ORG -- a resource for journalists, policymakers, scholars, and others interested in reviews of recent scholarship, extensive database searches, homeschool regulations, and more.



The following websites also serve as sources for academic research and analysis:

Homeschooling Research Notes
"Reflections upon research about homeschooling history, policy, and practice"

National Center for Education Statistics
Keyword search "home schooling"

National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education
Keyword search "home school" and "homeschool"

Intute: Best of the Web
Database of websites--keyword search "home education"

Last updated: 21-Sep-2012